Smoked Cheese

Lasting satisfaction

Our longtime customers who consider themselves to be "cheese connoisseurs" believe this to be the best cheese they have ever tasted. 

Customers keep coming back year after year for the smooth, creamy quality that Steve's Smoked Cheeses provide.


Carefully hand-cut into 1/4 lb. bars, our cheese provides that perfect "slice" for entertaining. A 1/4 lb. bar will provide appetizers for any occasion. 

We now have three smoked flavors to choose from:

  • Steve's Original Yellow
  • Mild Jalapeno Cheese
  • Creamy Wisconsin White

Steve's Guarantee

"I personally guarantee that each hand-cut bar of cheese is smoked through and through and the cheese is smoked "HOT" in an aromatic all western cedar smokehouse." 

- Steve L. Shindle

When we say "hot" smoked, we don't mean spicy, we mean the process of smoking the cheese in an all-western cedar smokehouse -- which is known as the most aromatic of all woods. It is smoked for six hours and turned every hour, allowing the rich smoke flavor to truly penetrate the center of each 1/4 lb. bar.

Our smoked cheeses will last up to 12 months if refrigerated and sealed properly, but do not freeze. For optimal flavor, always serve cheese at room temperature.

You can simply warm the cheese up to room temperature by microwaving for no more than 10 seconds at a time.